Around 11:00 p.m. on the 24th of November 2001, an unidentifyed
flying object crashed down on Boqueirão Farm, Corguinho County, Mato Grosso do Sul,Brazil.

The crash was witnessed by Mr. Tulio Alves, owner and manager of
Boqueirão Farm, as well as several of his guests at the farm (33 people), amongst them the famous brazilian actor and singer Fabio Jr. and a U.S. university professor and scientist. Residents of the region, living as far as 15km away from Boquerião Farm, have reported that on the same date of the crash a bright light was seen on the direction of Boqueirão Farm.

The crash produced a huge flash of light, like the one in an explosion, however there was no sound, a silent burst of light. Very close to the crash site we found six cattle, some of them unexplicably blinded and, after veterinarian analysis, an unbalanced metabolism that led to the demise of all six cattle.
The flora and insects around the crash area were also abnormally affected. Mushrooms altered its original colour to red and also bugs had their original pigmentation turned to red. There was no scientific explanation for this occurance.
High concentration of phosphor in the soil increases the "green" pigment of plants, whilst a low concentration of phosphor makes them more "red". On the crash site we noticed the opposite, albeit the high concentration of phosphor, the plants turned red or more reddish.

On the crash site we noticed the opposite, albeit the high concentration of phosphor, the plants turned red or more reddish.

<--Close-up of the mushroom with its molecular structure altered due to radioactivity.

Samples of insects and mushrooms wre sent to labs in Brazil and the
U.S., no further explanation was given so far for the causes of this

Amplifyed image of the mutated ant. -->

Fragments of the crashed object were found underneath the bark of the trees around the crash site. How did they get there?

Some of these fragments were sent to be analysed by U.S. labs and the Brazilian National Defense Agency.
All pertinent information and new discoveries will be published on this site.

Fragments found underneath the bark
of the trees onthe crash site area. -->

The top branches of several trees were burned, we believe the object
flew very near the top of these trees, thus causing the scorching on the leaves.
One of these trees had its stem torned by an unknown force and was tossed to a place 4.5 meters away from its root.

The grass was also affected, however in a different fashion, it was
bent sideways without breaking, similar to those found on Crop Circles... could be due to an unknown force field.

The lab report from SOLOS, a Campo Grande (MS) soil laboratory,
presented us with some intriguing evidence. The soil composition had a few anomalies, however a couple really stand out: The manganese (Mn) concentration of 101,55 mg/dm3 and phosphor (P) 20,44 mg/dm3. Also the sand mass of 72%. The odd thing is that with such high concentration in the sand (70%), the phosphor (P) should be minimal at about 0,1 mg/dm3 instead of 20,44 mg/dm3.
<- Foliage analysis.
Fragmens found under analysis.

The radiation measured with a Geiger counter (Model 3 Survey Meter-Ludlum Measurements, Inc - Sweetwater, Texas; Model 44-9) was 1.200 cpm, harmful to human beings.
The eletromagnetic field generated by the UFO caused a strange phenomena on the cars: The eletrical parts would go on and off by themselves, like horns, windshield wipers, headlights etc..

various fragments of assorted sizes and shapes were found on the
crash area.... the majority of them were very thin, like plastic paper and the colour was ambar. A few others were like jelly and had a strange odor. All fragments had very bright spots all over their surface.
Thin fragment.-->
Several melted stones were found due to the high temperature caused
by the crashe. They were sent to be analysed at U.S. and Brazilian labs.
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